Koa Longboard Paddles  


Koa Longboard Paddle

Koa Longboard Paddle
Koa Longboard PaddleKoa Longboard Paddle

These hand-carved longboard paddles feature Hawaiian Koa blades and Hawaiian Eucalyptus shafts. Each paddle includes two hand-made brackets for wall-mounting horizonally or vertically. These paddles make a beautiful, decorative statement, and are ideal for high-ceiling rooms where there empty expanses of wall that can showcase this kind of artwork.

A few paddles are available and each one is unique. The close-up images in the 2nd and 3rd photos are examples of currently available items. Please call us if you would like help selecting the perfect paddle(s).  707-431-0111

Dimensions: 9.75" h x 59" w x 2" d
Price: $525.00
Availability: In Stock
Code: PRO003