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African Mahogany Buffet

African Mahogany Buffet
African Mahogany BuffetAfrican Mahogany BuffetAfrican Mahogany Buffet

One of the most unusual designs that we have seen, this custom sideboard is not only functional, but a sculptural artwork. There are very few 90 degree angles in this piece. The case and legs have been whimsically carved in a style reminiscent of Art Nouveau, with a nod to the Spanish architect, Gaudi. Sides are carved inward, while drawer and cabinet door fronts are bowed slightly, as if the sideboard is taking in a breath of fresh air. This piece is currently available. Similar designs can be commissioned.

The fourth picture features a matching sculptural wall shelf that can be ordered in different sizes and with different numbers of shelves.

Dimensions: 38.5" h x 61.5" w x 18.5" d
Price: Call for price
Availability: In Stock
Code: FMV001